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Warranty Terms & Conditions

This warranty covers the heat pump as described left against defects, design, materials and workmanship for the following period:

Heat Pump Unit – FIVE (5) years parts & labour from date of purchase.

Under this Limited Warranty, Intaflo will at its option, provide either of the following:

1. Replace the product or supply an equivalent product

2. Repair the product

Repair or replacement shall be performed during normal business hours by Intaflo or an agent authorised by Intaflo, at no charge or unreasonable delay to the customer.

Intaflo takes no responsibility under this warranty for damage caused by the customer or tradesman retained by the customer, during installation of the heat pump.

This warranty is only valid as long as the heat pump is installed and tested in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation instructions and testing procedures. Advice and consultation will be provided by Intaflo to ensure the correct installation of the heat pump if required.

Purchaser Responsibilities

- The correction of any non-warranty fault or problem

- Operation of the heat pump in accordance to the operating instructions.

Warranty Exclusions

1. Damage or problems or unsatisfactory performance caused to the heat pump by faulty or incorrect external electrical wiring, incorrect power supply, voltage fluctuations, over transients or electromagnetic interference not originating within the heat pump.

2. Damage or problems or unsatisfactory performance resulting from incorrect installation or commissioning.

3. Damage, problems or unsatisfactory performance caused by storm, fire, flood, hail, atmospheric fallout, vandalism, misuse, negligence, Acts of God, earth-quake, war, vermin, foreign matter entering the heat pump or any other outside agency.

4. The heat pump reinstalled at a location other than the original location without advice from Intaflo.

5. Damage or problems or unsatisfactory performance caused directly or indirectly by operation of the heat pump in an environment where:

- Operation is in conditions outside the operating conditions specified in the heat pump manual.

- Failure to clear obstructions to the free air flow through the heat pump.

Making a Warranty Claim

Owner/customer of a Intaflo heat pump is to complete the Warranty Register form and and submit to the Intaflo head office.

The Limited Warranty is null and void if the owner/customer does not inform Intaflo of a problem within thirty (30) days of its discovery or if the homeowner, or any tradesman retained by the homeowner, attempts to repair the problem before first informing and consulting with a technical representative of Intaflo regarding appropriate testing and/or repair procedures.

At all times Intaflo will respond honestly, efficiently and promptly to all customers’ queries & requests.