Intabloc 17 Inverter Heat pump

Model - HH17DCS-1

The Intabloc Inverter Heat Pump incorporates the latest technology which gives energy saving over other heat pump systems available in the market. The inverter gently varies the speed of the compressor to give optimum performance and minimal running cost.

The Intabloc is reverse cycle. In winter it extracts heat from the outside air and transfers this heat to the hydronic heating system which effectively warms your home. In summer it provides chilled water for cooling through the hydronic system or fan coil units.

> Reduces energy consumption up to 70%                                                 > Quiet operation with night time setting                                                     > Low environmental impact - reducing your CO² emissions                   > Compact monobloc design                                                                       > Minimal outdoor space provided                                                               > Ability to integrate with DHWS                                                                 > Euro ErP efficiency rating A++                                                                   > Warranty 5 years parts and labour


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